Saying Goodbye to a Trusted Friend Is Rarely Easy

Loosing a pet isn’t easy…so often, it is like loosing a friend and this can be unbearable. The staff at the Orlando Pet Crematory are here to help you navigate through this often-difficult time.  In many cases, pet loss is more often than not, expected.  Our getting prepared section is designed to help alleviate the stress of at need decisions, giving you the opportunity to speak with a counselor, review your options and plan your pet's farewell with the comfort of knowing your course of actions and comfortably taking next steps when the time of loss occurs.  This should by no means be confused with pre-arrangements.

Providing A Little Information in Advance...

Expediting the Process

During your time of loss, use the expertise of our staff to facilitate the process of making arrangements for your pet.  Let us remove the strain and stress that accompanies loss.  This section and the form attached is designed to give you an idea of what's needed to plan cremation services for your pet.  The Orlando Pet Crematory offers three services:

  • Cremation with Ceremony (Offered by Schedule with an appointment and advanced planning.)
  • Private Cremations (Our most popular service with individual pet owners desiring to have remains returned in a urn for safekeeping.)
  • Communal Cremations (The most cost-effective service offered by OPC.) Pet owners have the option of ordering pet memorabilia as a special keepsake or reminder of the special moments shared. 


The basic information needed and collected by our staff includes the following items (you may not have all of it; but, at least you know what you need at the time of loss):

Complete & Return the Downloadable Form

To save time and to help expedite the process, we encourage you to review and complete the attached form, giving you the opportunity to prepare in advance gathering all of the information needed to plan cremation services for your pet.

Upon receipt of the form, we will contact you to verify the information provided and to discuss options giving you the opportunity to select the choice of service most suitable.  As a family owned business, we make an effort to offer affordable services that meet and exceed the expectations of our families.

Please email a completed copy of the form to  Or you may fax the form to (407) 381-7765.

When Using a Veterinarian or Animal Hospital

Be sure to let your Veterinarian know that you wish to use the Orlando Pet Crematory for cremation services.  Sometimes the loss of a pet is unexpected; but, in many cases, we are aware of the health issues faced by our pets.  Planning ahead helps you to be better prepared for the loss.  You are not alone in this process, our staff is with you every step of the way.  We are available to contact your veterinarian or meet you at their office if you know your pet is going to be euthanized.


General information required at the time of arrangements.